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We all know stress, anxiety, and depression aren’t fun. We’ve all dealt with them personally or through family and friends.

And we’ve all probably heard that relaxation and meditation can help with dealing with these issues and provide other science-backed benefits to your mental well-being. But if it’s obvious that relaxation is good for us, why isn’t everyone doing it?

One of the hardest things about learning to relax is figuring out where to start. There are thousands of videos and books, each claiming to teach you their technique, but for many people, this leads to more confusion.

The best way to learn to relax is from a real teacher in a class, but those can be hard to find and incorporate into your everyday life, especially with the social distancing we’re currently faced with.

With WellGamers, we bring that classroom experience right to your home. When you put on your VR headset and come to our virtual Dojo environment, we make the relaxation as clear and structured as possible. And unlike existing relaxation phone apps, we utilize the fully immersive qualities of Virtual Reality to truly bring you to this other place and remove the distractions of everyday life.

And maybe the coolest thing about WellGamers is that we’ve proven it works. 

On our Tai Chi master’s website, Patrick Kelly explains in more detail the principles behind Tai Chi, which have been the same throughout the ages.

If you're as excited about WellGamers as we are, join the WellGamers community on socials and Discord, as we collectively bring relaxation to the world! This is your place to share and grow alongside fellow students: discuss favourite literature, best practices, and how to integrate Tai Chi into your daily routine. We'll also provide you with daily meditation content and keep you updated as we continue expanding our one-of-a-kind curriculum with new videos and features!

Welcome aboard, and enjoy your journey to a happier life!


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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